The Genesis

The Genesis is 73ft long and 21ft beam and has been chartering for 15 years. It sleeps 14 including the crew, has two toilets and two showers, a covered in deck and an upper viewing deck. The main cabin has seating for 15.


The Genesis has life saving equipment for 50 people.

  • 2 EPIRBS
  • 1 float free EPIRB
  • 1 x 6 man lifeboat
  • 1 x 12 man lifeboat

The Genesis is built to Deep Sea Survey Standards, allowing it to go anywhere in the world.


  • Fishfinder
  • 2 Radars
  • 3 GPSs
  • UHF Single Side Band Telephone
  • 32 ton refrigerated hold carrying up to 10 ton of ice
  • Video
  • 40" Wide Screen Sky Television
  • Stereo


Paul Fishburn and Warren Gledhill bring you a lifetime of fishing experience and navigational skills.

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